Lakewood authorities have identified an armed robbery suspect involved in a standoff last night as Township resident 23-year-old Wandelson Espinosa.

Authorities say a vehicle that Espinosa was traveling in cut off a bicyclist near Bergen and Holly Streets around 9:30 PM. Espinosa  jumped out of the car and allegedly  robbed the male victim at gunpoint, stealing his wallet.

When authorities located the vehicle on Route 88, a woman was driving it. 20-year-old Dora Lema of Jackson was arrested and taken into custody.

While on scene, investigating officers learned Espinosa had barracaded himself in an upstairs apartment on 4th Street. A perimeter was secured and the Lakewood S.R.T. Team was assembled. Espinosa was taken into custody a short time later.

Police recovered a black semi automatic handgun from the glove compartment of the car. Both Espinosa and Lema were charged with First Degree Robbery.