I so do these the wrong way...According to Yahoo health.  If you think maybe you're doing it the right way you might want to read this.

Let's start with left-overs:

-Apparently it's not a good idea to put warm meat right in the refrigerator, it could cause food poisoning.  *I do this a lot.  Yikes

-Picking up your prescriptions at the drive-thru, *another one I do all the time.  According to a survey from Ohio State University, pharmasists possibly make more mistakes because of the distractions of the drive-thru.

-*Another one I do everyday.  Set my purse on my table and kitchen counter, it could carry more than 10,000 bacteria per square inch.  Oh gross!

-When working out don't take the first row of an exercise class..you can see yourself in the mirror that might mentally set you back.  Although this is how I feel, if you are working out you should want to look at yourself and be very proud of yourself!




-Freezing your coffee beans does not keep them fresh.  Everytime you open up that bag of beans the temperature changes, so keep them on your counter in a container.

Maybe some of this information might help you!