In a couple of weeks I'm going on vacation with one of my best friends and her family.  Since the separation and divorce, this is the first vacation for Abby and me and we're super excited because we're going to Disney My girlfriend and her family have a timeshare, so it works out nicely.  My friend Deidre is such a planner, when I say planner I mean down to minutes and seconds and what activities we'll be doing that day...something I'm not.  She has everything planned out including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  LOL!  She's so funny when she calls and asks what we like (food wise)...I say, "Snacks--cookies, chips and fruit."  She's incredibly healthy and she says, "We don't eat that."  I knew that already before she said it. 

I told her last night I was going to write a blog about "planning while on vacation" and she laughed.  We are staying in a Condo instead of a hotel, so there is a bit of planning for food.  And I realize there are different vacations where you have to plan.  But I'm so not a planner, so it's funny when she calls and says, "At 4pm on Thursday what do you want to do"?....LOL, ok maybe that's a little dramatic, but it's funny.   But it definetely is going to be a very interesting vacation.  I often thing to myself, maybe if I plan a little more...things would work out easier for me, but naaaaaah, it's just not me. 

P.S...Friend if you are reading this, I can't wait! xo

So my question for you....Are you a planner on your vacation or are you like me --no planning just wait to see what happens?