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This is something I never did and I don't think I ever will be a "planner".

I've struggled my whole life with this, watching friends plan everything from vacations, shopping lists and Shawn at work, plan our show.  And write them down on a list.  I'm so a "wing and a prayer" and hope that everything works out well.  Now this has probably gotten me in trouble through out my life, but so far so good.  I think it drives some people crazy.  It might even be why I'm divorced.  Who knows? But I do know that I'm not usually late for things and I always remember birthdays and remember important things in my life.

I do know it drives Shawn crazy!  But we've been together now over 10 years and still doing great together!  At least at work, I don't believe he could ever live with me.


Are you a planner?  Do you make lists?