Many Americans plan to spend their spring break away from home this year, but cost is weighing heavily on their minds.

Eric Thayer, Getty Images

That's according to a new poll by which finds that more than 8 in 10, or 85 percent, rank affordability as a top consideration when it comes to choosing a travel destination.

"Americans are very anxious to travel this spring and while affordability is a huge factor, we also found that a majority of travelers are booking their trips a la carte, meaning that they're booking their flight, rental car and hotel all separate when you can save a lot more if you book a package deal," said Trae Bodge, senior editor of The Real Deal online magazine by "In years prior, package deals were not that flexible, but now package deals are a lot more flexible."

For example, when it comes to flying, you can specify the days and times you'd like to fly and there are all kinds of options when it comes to hotels. With the rental car, you can often choose the size and model you want to drive.

The survey also found:

  • 5 in 10, 51 percent, will visit friends and family on their spring vacations and 55 percent will bring kids along
  • More than 4 in 10 Americans have used a mobile device or smart phone to research or book a spring vacation and men are using this technology more than women
  • Americans don't tend to plan ahead. Nearly 6 in 10 don't book their travel until spring has almost begun, in February or later. 36 percent report that they won't start booking until three weeks before their trip

"Dig around a few months before your trip to start booking. If you don't, you'll have much slimmer pickings into what you can book and you could lose the hotel or destination that you really want," said Bodge. "You should also never take a price at face value. If you see a good deal online, visit a coupon site before you book it to see if you can find additional savings. That could ultimately save you an additional five or ten percent."