Are you normally a snow lover ?

As I woke up to the new fallen snow here at the Jersey Shore this morning , I couldnt help but think "are their any snow lovers today" ? I mean usually there's a bit of excitement with the first snow of the fall ... but with all thats happened did you feel it ? or were you just like ....ok Mother Nature ENUFF!

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media


So are you ready for winter travel ? Do you have your ice scraper out ? Tires checked ? Fluids looked at ? Anti-Freeze levels checked ? With all thats been going on with Hurricane Sandy recovery your vehicle may not be ready for old man winter and jack frost ... so try and get everything up to date ASAP :)



We will be here throughout the Winter with WOBM News, Ocean County Traffic Watch and Stormwatch .... To keep you up to date during the cold days of winter :)