I enjoy going to different community and charity events.  It's a common site to see tickets being sold for raffles or 50/50 drawings.  And as fundraisers, they often have silent and/or live auctions.  I love them all!

As I was at a big Rotary dinner in Mt. Laurel, I purchased some tickets for the 50/50 and I raised my hand (and then got outbid) for one of the live auction prizes.  Gift auctions are always fun, where you purchase tickets and then drop them into the jars that correspond with the prize you'd like to win.  I've had some good luck at those.  And when luck has not been on my side, I remind myself that the money...my donation...is going to a good cause.

The thing I most like to see at these events are the silent auction sheets.  Writing my name and bid makes for an exciting, sometimes stressful evening of shopping.  What if someone writes a greater dollar amount below my bid?   There's always that risk.  But it's still a lot of fun.

What type of fundraiser do you enjoy most: raffles, silent auction, live auction, or 50/50 drawings?