We already told you about how this flu season is peaking sooner and faster than usual. But, like me, you may still have some questions.

Normally, there's only one question when flu season rolls around - to get the shot or not to get the shot?

In the past, I've taken my chances (mostly because I hate needles), but I learned my lesson last week when my temperature hit 103, I felt like I got run over by a truck, and I couldn't sleep. Thankfully, it only lasted a few days, but I made the decision right away that I'll never go without a flu shot again.

But I still had some questions -

So since I already had the flu, would it do me any good to get a flu shot after the fact?
Not likely. Basically, by getting the flu, you're immunizing yourself the hard way.

Would the flu shot have protected me?
Probably, but it is possible to still catch a strain of the flu that may not have been planned for when this year's vaccines were produced.

Since I already had the flu, should I still get a shot next year?
Yes, the flu strains that go around are different every year, so you should get vaccinated each year.

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