"Death Race 2012" has been in the news a lot recently in New Jersey. As a reminder, we're talking about the incident where State Troopers allegedly escorted high end luxury cars down the Parkway to Atlantic City while, "...traveling well over 100 mph"

The lessons learned from this? Apparently not much. In advance of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romeny's appearance in Lakewood this evening, reports are coming out of, "... a harrowing high-speed motorcade from Newark airport to Lakewood N.J. Hitting speeds of up to 90 mph at times."

The same pool report also mentions that, "The motorcade was escorted by unmarked police SUVs, which at times flashed their lights."

So what do you think, political affiliation completely aside, when a "VIP" is involved is it ok to put the rest of the drivers on the road in danger to get them to their events on time? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think! (As always, when we're talking about topics with possible political implications, please keep comments respectful of your fellow readers).