This summer will be another busy one for movie shoots and TV show production in the Garden State.

Steve Gorelick, Executive Director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission says there are several major movies being shot in various locations that include Princeton, Englewood and Madison. He says in Princeton right now, they are shooting “Admission” with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

Also, a feature film that’s shooting at Fairleigh Dickinson in Madison right now is being directed by Katherine Scorsese, Martin’s daughter…her 1st effort. “We’re scouting right now for a Woody Allen movie which is, of course untitled because he never titles them until they come out. They are scouting in Englewood.”

Gorelick says it’s not just about movies.

“I would say that it looks to be a very busy summer. We probably have at this point about 120, 130 reality show shooting here every year.”

He says there is a lot of value to be found in New Jersey and you can do things more inexpensively here, and the towns are incredibly cooperative making it easier to bring a film or TV project in on budget.

Gorelick cites one example, “America’s Got Talent” with an estimated 40-million dollars added to the state’s economy from just that one production.