One of the most important qualities of a successful company is their attention to customer service, and I recently had an excellent customer service experience with a small company. 

For Valentine's Day, I'd gotten a surprise delivery at work of a big bucket of gourmet popcorn from web-based retailer "Popcorn Papa".

I love gourmet popcorn, so believe me, this was a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

There were some problems though - my name was misspelled on the shipping label, creating some confusion, and the note that was supposed to accompany the gift had some awkward grammatical errors.

The popcorn, however, was delicious.

My valentine reached out to the company to make them aware of the issues, and they quickly offered to send full size popcorn refills immediately.

The replacement package arrived today, spelled correctly, and with the attached note (along with some surprise chocolates).

Popcorn Papa made a mistake, they apologized right away, and immediately fixed the situation. Based off of an experience like this, I'd absolutely order from them in the future, and I don't hesitate to recommend them to others.

Besides, their popcorn is absolutely delicious.

Thanks, Popcorn Papa, and Happy Valentine's Day to you too!