When things come to an end, a lot of times there are tears, hugs, happy reminiscing, and bittersweet memories. But this time, at least to my fellow residents of Ocean County, a cheer will probably be heard all the way up to Sandy Hook.

It's official, MTV's Jersey Shore is over.

MTV has announced that the upcoming season, which will premiere in October, will be the last.

We've had the debates before, whether this has been a good thing or a bad thing for Ocean County (for the record, nearly 60% of you said "bad"). But debate as we might about what the show has done for our reputation, one thing we can't argue with - it's brought an influx of tourists and the valuable dollars that they bring with them (and traffic, and rowdiness, and tickets, and arrests, and on, and on).

Now of course if you need your Snooki fix there's no need to worry! As we told you just a few weeks ago, she and her partner in crime Jenni "JWoww" Farley will still be in town, and as we all know, Seaside is just a short drive down 37 from Manchester (and who will be surprised if at least some of their infamous cast mates make guest appearances?). So while it's the "end" of one era, it very well may be the beginning of another.

Lucky us.