One of the big non-sports stories coming out of the Sochi Olympics is about the thousands of stray dogs that wander the streets of the city. Leading up to the games, stories were coming out that officials were planning to handle the overpopulation in a pretty awful way -

So, basically, they were planning to treat the cute (and, as many reports suggest, friendly) pups as if they were cockroaches or rats.

But there are some positive stories coming out in the last few days. Like something out of a spy novel, there are apparently groups of people snatching up the wandering tail waggers and smuggling them out of Sochi to safe houses for health treatment and eventual adoption.

In fact, if you want an Olympic dog of your own, it might take a bit of time, money, and official wrangling, but you could rescue one. Here, USAToday briefly outlines how you could get in on the run on the Caucasus canines.

It's always great when stories like this have a happy ending!