Hello, how are you? I hope you're having fun in not-New Jersey. Listen, we get it, summer is right around the corner and the Jersey Shore is the place to be. We just wanted to send you guys and gals a quick message before everything gets all crazy here at the shore.

Shawn Michaels

First off, your driving. Some of you are fantastic drivers, some of you - are terrible. With that being said, if the speed limit is 45 - it's 45, not 25. Also, blinkers are amazing too.

Second, our clean beaches. We have been making tremendous strides to keep our beaches clean, so we politely ask to make sure that your trash is put away after you hang out on our one-of-a-kind beaches.

Third, sandals and socks. Well, actually we do this too - carry on.

Fourth, Porkroll. IT'S NOT TAYLOR HAM! 

Fifth, Bruce Springsteen. Want to play some jams on the beach? Springsteen is the best option. We will also accept Bon Jovi. You should definitely not go Dancing In The Dark on this issue.

Sixth, Wawa. Be very careful about what you say about Wawa in front of New Jerseyans. This is home base for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - as well as a midnight snack. If for some reason there is not a Wawa within your vicinity, QuickChek works too.

Finally, I think I speak for most of the Jersey Shore, that we love having you here and hope you have a fun time and ENJOY THE SUMMER!