It's a family affair..making any kind of hoop you like!  Each hoop can be crafted to your personal specifications...sizes, colors, patterns and weight!

The other week Shawn & I had a hula hoop challenge!  Who can hoop the best?  Well, let's just say, we both stank at it but Shawn won!  When we started talking about hula hoops I could only think of one person, my friend and a friend of The Ocean County Breakfast Show--Amy Paradise!  She makes the "BEST" hoops!

Amy's Hooptacular Hoops

Here's her story:

At the young age of 35 Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. A loving wife and mother of 2 small children, Amy faced the greatest challenge of her life. After multiple surgeries and procedures Amy was on the road to recovery. At the age of 39 it happened all over again. A new diagnosis in the other breast. More surgeries and more doctor bills. More daily pain and fatigue. Amy and her family were not only faced with the struggles of cancer and its complications but now financial struggles. Leaning on her love of children, her teaching background and her strong belief in fitness and personal well-being, Amy became interested in hooping. Her infatuation became so strong that she incorporated hooping in her music act where she performs as the lead singer of a rock-n-roll band, hooping on bar tops all across New Jersey! This however wasn't enough. Now it was time to bring the joy of hooping to her friends and family. In a grass roots effort Amy and her husband decided to start making hoops for people as a side business. To this day the business continues to grow. We won't stop until everyone experiences the pleasure of Amy's "HOOPTACULAR" Hoops!!

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