Amtrak says they will resume service between New York and Boston on Tuesday afternoon while Metro-North will begin limited service on Tuesday for the first time since Friday's derailment.

Crews work to repair damaged cracks in Connecticut (YouTube)

The MTA says they have rebuilt one of two damaged tracks allowing for limited service.

The first Amtrak train to operate on a regular schedule out of New York Penn Station will be Acela Express train 2166 departing at 4 p.m. Acela Express train 2166 will be the first to leave Boston's South Station at 3:15 p.m.

Metro-North will resume service with a 3:07 p.m. departure from Grand Central Station. About half of the railroad's regular eastbound PM peak service and regular hourly westbound service with the 4:23 PM train from New Haven. Metro-North will continue to operate on a regular schedule between Grand Central and South Norwalk in both directions.

Both railroads will resume normal service on Wednesday but trains will travel at a reduced speed and only a single track will be available for both directions sure to cause delays.

The new track also was subjected to ultrasonic testing and found no problems.  In addition, the track geometry car was utilized over the new track to verify that the track is in the proper vertical and horizontal alignment.