A new Gallup poll finds strong interest from the public in getting the President and Congress to take action on high gas prices.

The poll finds 85 percent of those asked want Washington to take, “immediate” action on gas prices. It is likely to remain a big issue during this Presidential election year. Also, just 31 percent agreed that the price of gasoline is largely beyond the control of President Obama or the Congress.

One thing we can be sure of, the back and forth from both sides of the political aisle we go on and on.

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Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service says we will see further increases and we will hear what he calls, “some disingenuous statements from the left and the right about gas prices“. He advises that rather than seeking help from politicians, the motoring public needs to become its own best friend. Kloza says, “I think people should recognize that the more disciplined choices they make on fuel and the less fuel they use in the future, the better it’s gonna be.”


Kloza says the reality in this global petroleum environment is that demand is going up, and that is what drives prices.