A new survey reveals a great deal of uncertainty about President Obama's Affordable Care Act


Joe Raedle, Getty Images

The survey from InsuranceQuotes.com shows that among those without health insurance, 64 percent are unsure if they will buy it.

"If consumers haven't purchased health insurance to date, they are probably wondering, well, am I going to be able to afford it down the road," said Laura Adams, analyst for InsuranceQuotes.com.

The survey also shows 58 percent of the uninsured don't know whether they will be eligible for tax credits to reduce health insurance costs.

"If they don't know if the're going to qualify for a subsidy, they probably don't understand how health insurance will impact their wallet," said Adams.

More than three in five Americans are concerned that the Affordable Care Act will cause health insurance costs to go up. Only 26% in the survey believe costs will decrease.

Fewer than half of those surveyed say more people will enjoy better health thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

The Federally-mandated deadline to purchase health insurance is January 1st.