Last season's go-round for American Idol may not have been the best in the show's history. But things may not be changing as drastically as we've been lead to believe.

After this past season's awkward judging dynamic, word on the street was that Idol was going to go through a complete purge and overhaul. Rumors swirled that the main producers and all of the judges would be shown the door.

But the reports of the judging panel's demise may have been greatly exaggerated.

Earlier today, Keith Urban tweeted that he'll be returning to the judging desk next season. On top of that, Hollywood whispers are suggesting that the new producing team may be trying to woo Jennifer Lopez back to AI.

Also on the judging panel for next season is Idol alum Jennifer Hudson.

So, it looks like everything that's old is new again with American Idol, and we know at least two of the "new" judges. Who else would you like to see join the judging panel? Comment below and let us know!