Its certainly a sign of the times. Local governments across the country getting creative to raise much-needed revenue – putting more advertisements in public places.

Cash-strapped Baltimore is putting ads on firetrucks to keep three companies from shutting down.

While New Jersey isn’t doing the same, nothing is out of the question as towns struggle to make ends meet.

“Municipalities are looking at every opportunity they can to raise dollars and offset property tax increases” said Bill Dressel, executive director of the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

The state legislature passed a bill that would allow towns to put ads on school buses.

“I haven’t heard of any school districts taking advantage of that yet” said Dressel.

He says until towns start sharing services, they will continue to struggle with budget deficits.

“That’s really the key to lowering property taxes and expenses for towns…merging with a neighboring town and sharing police and fire and other services.”