A drug addict once taken in by the family of a Toms River paralympian who returned home from Paralympic Games in London to a home break in may be behind the theft.

Sandy Kipp, the mother of paralympian track-and-field competitor Cheryl Leitner, told WABC TV that the theives "jumped the fence, kicked the door in and immediately knew where to go” and that police believe that the addict and her boyfriend the family may be responsible.

Kipp says two people matching their description tried and failed to sell gold coins from the Beijing and Sydney Paralympic games to a Toms River area coin dealer.

"At this point they're on the run. I don't know for sure if they know we're on their trail," said Det. Mark Bajada, Toms River Police told WABC TV.

Kipp said the robbers made off with the gold coins, money and jewelry valued at $30,000 according to CBS New York.

"I was heartbroken. I can't believe anyone would do this to anyone, alone someone who works so hard. Her life is challenging every day. She doesn't need this. No one needs this," said Kipp.

Cash-for-gold stores across the area are aware of the theft and police say they have some promising leads in their investigation.