Brick Mayor Steve Acropolis is proposing rolling back this year's 24 percent tax hike after elections swept out four Republican incumbent Council members.

In a lengthy press release that lays out a number of proposals aimed at reducing the size of municipal government, Acropolis says "he directed the Brick Township Administration to craft a budget that stays within the Governor's 2% levy cap for 2012 and 2013."


Acropolis says the results at the polls was a clear message from the Township's tax-weary property owners. So, he's proposing that elected officials not take Township health benefits. "You know, the people have spoken in this last election and I think that what they said is, on both sides of the isle, they said that they don't want their elected officials to have tax-payer paid for healthcare"

Acropolis is also calling on the newly elected Democratic slate of Council members to start with their own anticipated municipal compensation when it comes to belt-tightening. He says he's proposing that all elected officials take a 50% cut in salaries. While Acropolis himself has announced that he will be giving up his $55,000 dollar salary from the Township. "So, at the last council meeting, I told everybody that I want people to get the best bang for their buck from me for the next two years and any subsequent terms that I may be in office and I'll do the term for a dollar."


Acropolis' proposal isn't new. It falls in line with Governor Chris Christie's call that the state's elected officials serving in more than one public office, only accept a salary from one of those public offices.

It's a move that has had State Republican Senator Robert Singer, who also served as a Lakewood Committee Member, to give up his local post, along with many other elected officials in Ocean County and around the State. Acropolis serves as the MUA Director for Toms River Township, a post that has drawn the ire of local Democratic officials in Toms River.

Acropolis says in January he will be introducing a to the Democratic majority a 24% tax decrease or a 10 cent tax decrease in the budget and it will be a smaller Brick Township Government.

Acropolis says he proposed similar cost cutting measures to the Republican-controlled council but they rejected salary and benefits cuts.