The American Association of Retired Persons is hoping something fast will help slow down the sharp rise in hunger among people 50 and older.

The AARP has partnered with NASCAR to bring attention to the growing problem of food insecurity as part of its "Drive To End Hunger Campaign". AARP'S Associate Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania area Angela Foreshaw-Rouse says they've collaborated with 4-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon as their National Spokesman. "Every time he has a race in one of the designated NASCAR cities that AARP is a part of, we have a special drive to end hunger where people that come to the games bring a nonperishable canned item to donate to the local food pantry."

Foreshaw-Rouse says because of the economic crises, they've seen a spike of nearly 9-million people age 50 and older who are at risk of hunger in America. She says "a lot of Americans 50 and older are either facing lack of food or lack of serious nutrition and she says the face of hunger has also become multi-generational with children moving back into the homes of older adults along with their grandchildren. She adds that food banks are also being impacted by the increased demand and are experiencing record shortages.

Foreshaw-Rouse says nutrition is an issue as well, because older adults on fixed incomes and increasing fiscal pressure will likely attempt to cut cost by foregoing fresh produce and leaner cuts of meat, opting instead for less expensive processed foods. She says the AARP is educating seniors about the need for sufficient nutrition. She says "we are just trying to educate people on the different ways that they can stretch their budget to increase their nutritional value and also work with some of the food pantries in the area to see if we can help supplement some of their basic nutrition needs."

She says any food pantry that wants to be associated with AARP can call the toll free number 1-866-389-5654, leave their information and an AARP representative will contact them about a possible collaboration. The AARP has also set up a web site to donate to the Drive to End hunger campaign at