All in all it was a pretty wonderful 4th of July weekend although it would have been even better had the rain held off a little later last night for those planning to watch Beachwood’s annual fireworks display.

They got them in but not under ideal conditions as the rain moved in to spoil the end of the holiday. However all-in-all it was a very nice weekend with ideal beach days on both Saturday and Monday and some clouds sandwiched in between on Sunday.

After a cold start the ocean water temperature has finally warmed up and it also happens to be crystal clear which is a very welcome sight.  An added bonus is the almost daily spotting of dolphins which at times are very close to shore to the delight of beach goers.

Among the things you notice on the beach this summer is more and more people have large portions of their bodies covered by tattoos.  It’s not the least bit unusual to see someone with their back, arms and legs pretty much filled with ink and that goes for both men and women.

I admit to being dumbfounded by it and will never quite understand it but clearly it’s not just a fad as some 38% of millennials (18-29 years old) have at least one tattoo.  Often they are not noticeable to others because many people have them where you usually can’t see them but of course in the summer that’s a different story, especially when wearing a bathing suit.

For what it’s worth recent statistics report 32% of those between the ages of 30-45 sport at least one work of body art and then number drops to 15% among baby boomers between the ages of 46-64 and 6% of those 65 years old and above.

As for me, I’m tat-free and will stay that way.