An Ocean County businessman continues to challenge one of the county's long serving freeholders.Listen to the entire program:

On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, Democrat Timothy Ryan, is going up against Republican Freeholder Director Joe Vicari, who's been in office for over three decades. Ryan said if elected, he'll focus on the future, considering an anticipated population explosion.

"You know, Ocean County is still a fast growing county and we look at statistics from the United States Department of Census and they say that by 2030, Lakewood will have 200,000 residents," said Ryan. "Well, we should be starting now to decide about the infrastructure for Lakewood and the road system. Let's not wait until 2030 and let's not just look at Lakewood. Let's look at the southern end of the county, the western end of the county."

Ryan also criticizes his opponent's decades of service, salary and pensions but stopped short of saying the Democratic Party would do things differently if they were in charge. However, he makes a personal pledge if elected.

"Well first of all, I've pledged that I will not take a salary and if I have to take the salary, I will take the salary and donate it to charities within Ocean County because I'm not running to get a job. I have a job" he said.

Ryan believes the tenure of his opponent has made him arrogant and insensitive to the needs of taxpayers and county workers.

He says if elected, he would also focus on the homelessness, the county budget and public transportation issues specifically establishing passenger rail service.

Get more information about Ryan's campaign at his website here or his campaign Facebook page here.