A little of this and a little of that on August 1st which has always been one of my least favorite days on the calendar because it’s a reminder that summer days and nights will soon be but a memory.

This was the first non-beach weekend I’ve had in quite a while so it was a perfect one to head to the movies and I did on both Saturday and Sunday to see two very different new releases.  We loved “Bad Moms” which is not a great movie but falls into the category of “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids” as ones featuring at-times raunchy humor which simply makes you laugh and laugh.

Front cover of the August 1 New York Post (NY Post)

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and especially Kathryn Hahn are superb and you’ll leave the theatre feeling better then when you arrived. 24 hours later I was back to see “Jason Bourne” as for the fourth time Matt Damon played the role the former CIA operative.  If you liked the first three like me then you’ll probably like the latest which features a spectacular car chase towards the end.  Very predictable but very entertaining.

The New York Post will likely never win a Pulitzer prize for outstanding journalism but did it sink to a new low by publishing nude photos of Melania Trump Sunday and then following up with more trashy pictures today of the potential First Lady? The photos were taken in 1995 when Melania was a 25-year old model who had just come to New York and they are about as revealing as you’ll ever see in a newspaper.

Full disclosure here but I read the “Post” on an almost daily basis because it has a very good sports section.  I used to also read “Playboy” for the monthly feature interviews.

The Mets and Yankees open the latest edition of the Subway Series tonight. First there's two games at CitiField and then across town for two in the Bronx.  Between trades, injuries and poor play by the end of the week it could resemble a minor league game.