One of the main things to keep in mind when ghost hunting is that you never know what you might find on your audio or video recordings. But I can guarantee that this guy was definitely not expecting what he ended up with.

An Australian man had been hearing suspicious sounds from his house for some time, which he thought could be of a paranormal nature, so he decided to set up a camera and try to catch the entity on film.

What he got instead though was definitely not paranormal, but still just as shocking.

Yup, those moans that he'd been hearing definitely weren't otherworldly.

Not only is the girlfriend guilty of infidelity though, but in Australia the age of consent is 17, so she's now on the hook for sex with a minor too.

Let's make this story even better and take a look at a "report" on the incident:


I guess one lesson from this story is to let the experts handle the ghost hunting so we can rule out all of the other possibilities first...