Much like the "Teal Pumpkin Project" from this past Halloween, a trend is spreading across the country this holiday season as a simple way to help those in need.

It all starts with a scarf.

It can be an old scarf that you don't need anymore. An extra scarf that you're able to part with. Or even a scarf that you knit yourself.

One woman from the Midwest tells the story about how she started crocheting scarves and simply tied them around trees in a local park, for the homeless who frequent the location.

The movement has caught on and there have been reports from across the country of scarves adorning trees with simple messaged attached like, "...please take me with you if you are cold..."

It's a really simple way to give to those who may be in need in Ocean County this holiday season without really having to do much at all.

So if you can spare a scarf, this simple gesture could make a world of difference to a weary stranger as the weather gets colder.


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