It may be the same seasonal job fair that the New Jersey Department of Labor always organizes in Ocean County before tourism season. Thanks to the superstorm, it's in a new spot. But also thanks to Sandy, it's got new opportunities.


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The Saturday event from 12 Noon until 3 PM takes place in the parking lot of the iconic A&P on Route 35 in Ortley Beach - really just a stone's throw from its normal spot on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Labor officials opted to move it so that there's no break in the pace of boardwalk reconstruction.

The Montvale-based grocery chain is also joining the fair as an employer this year, says Christine Karaska of the Labor Department, looking for some specialized skills.

"Anyone out there who has experience as a butcher," she says, "they have part-time butcher positions for the summer at $20 an hour."

Of course, there are hundreds of other spots for prospective game, ride and concession operators, food handlers, and security workers. As far as cashier jobs go, says Christine, it's another spot where new territory is being broken.

"Over 25 cashier positions for 16- and 17-year-olds" are on the list this year, she says. "Students who work the summer can make over $1,000."

And who hasn't at some point wanted to be the character in the khaki shorts and pith helmet, strolling the beach to ensure that everyone's bought a badge? Seaside Heights is recruiting for that as well, which Christine says happens almost never this close to the start of summer.

"Every year when we have the job fair people always ask for that," she says, "but they were always filled."

Christine encourages people who are trying to re-enter the job market, looking for second incomes or even retirees seeking spending cash to slap on a clean set of clothes, copy off a folder full of resumes, and bring photo identification, a pen and a smile that says 'I'm a winner.'

She reminds high schoolers with good academic records or awards to bring along some relevant documents. They tell potential employers volumes about character.