One of the things that parents dread most - one of their children waking them up in the middle of the night not feeling well. Shivering with fever and wanting to crawl into bed with them. Interestingly, it can be exactly the same with our pets.

Yesterday I noticed that my pup Sydney seemed to be a little melancholy and not very active. I figured she was just feeling crummy, hey we all have those days, so I let her curl up on my lap and figured I'd see how she was feeling in the morning.

This morning she was still a little sluggish, didn't want to go downstairs, didn't really want to go outside, etc. I also noticed that she'd had an "accident" on the floor, which she has never done the whole time I've had her. So I knew something was wrong.

Thankfully, the great staff at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital were able to see her right away. Dr. Koehler was gentle and caring (and not only to Sydney, I was in a minor state of panic, myself). It turns out that Syd had quite a high fever and an infection. Dr. Koehler gave her antibiotics and fluids to bring the fever down, and is running some tests that I'll hear back about tomorrow.

I could already tell by the time I got back home that Syd was starting to feel a litle better, so hopefully she's well on the road to recovery. It's amazing how our pets are truly members of our family, just like the human members.