Sue Moll, Townsquare Media



Mom's and Dad's I know you're with me when it's so pitiful when your child is home sick.  I feel so bad for her. Abby was sick yesterday and today which means a day off of work for me.  But here is where the problem begins.  GUILT with us parents.  And we just ran out of tissues and she is using toilet paper for her little nose.  Oh the drama...

The guilt at least for me is taking off of work.  I know it's not right to send her to school or the babysitters, but then I know it I have to take a day off.  For some reason I always feel so guilty for taking a day off.  And then if I send her to the babysitters or school, I'll be thinking all day is she coughing all over her friends.  So with me there's always guilt either way.  My place is being home with Abby when she is sick.  But at the same time I'm always wondering what's going on with the show.  Can Shawn handle the show alone?  I'm laughing as I write that one.  And yet there is no where else I'd rather be then right here with Abby when she is sick.

Parents do you feel the same way as me?  You know if you send them to school, the school nurse will be calling you and you knew she was why did you send her?  And do you feel the guilt of taking a day off work?  It's a no win situation....but I have to go with what I think is right.

Get better soon, Abs!  I love you!