Does this "Jersey Shore" news shock you? Ok, I'll fess up, that headline is what we call a "tease". Let's be honest, there is absolutely nothing shocking about this story aside from the fact that it doesn't happen more often.

MTV "Jersey Shore" party girl Deena Cortese has been banned from Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grill on the Seaside boardwalk (one of my favorite Mexican eateries in Ocean County, by the way) for being drunk.

Again, are we shocked here?

In addition, the restaurant has also been fined $15,000 for serving her after she was visibly intoxicated. They also face a possible suspension of their liquor license if they violate the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control rules within the next 2 years.

Which also speaks to my second statement - the only thing "shocking" here is that it doesn't happen more often. If every bar in Seaside got fined and put on probation every time someone who was visibly intoxicated was served, there would be a lot more establishments serving only juice and soda on the boardwalk.

Do you think it was a good statement by the ABC to make a public figure an example? Do you see more establishments enforcing rules lately? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!