It is really interesting how your relationship with your children evolves as they get older. 

Kevin Williams (C) with son Brandon (L) and his brother Brian (holding Trevor) at Penn State (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

When they are young they count on you for everything and you’re like a 24/7 security blanket.  As they get older and develop friendships and gain independence your often feel more like a consultant as you’re not needed quite as often.  Eventually of course they move out and move on with their lives and your role takes on an all together different meaning.


When my son Brandon was growing up we enjoyed what was for me a perfect father-son relationship.  He loved sports and from a young age I brought him to games with me and while he probably thought I was doing him a favor in reality I was the one who was especially thankful.

We spent a lot of time together and much of it involved sports.  Even today at the age of 27 that is often the bond that brings us together even if most of the time we’re just talking about it rather than spending the time together.

Of course when my daughter Alex was young it was very much a different story.

Kevin Williams with wife Jane (L) and daughter Alex (R) (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

She had some interest in sports but more so as a participant than a fan and conversations with her tended to focus more on clothes and music than the Mets and Giants.  Then a funny thing happened a few years ago…she discovered hockey.

We went to our first Rangers game while she was a high school sophomore or junior and she loved it.  After that we tried to make a trip to Madison Square Garden an annual event and each time she displayed more of an interest in the sport. Last year she went from being a casual fan to a Rangers die-hard and even now as a junior at Penn State we talk on a daily basis about our beloved Blueshirts.

She is home this week on spring break and since few of her friends are around she’s been spending quite a bit of time with her parents.  While she and Mom share a passion for shopping our time together often finds us talking and watching the Rangers.

Now that she’s 21 we can even go out and enjoy an adult beverage while watching our favorite hockey team which is what we did last night and Friday we are making our annual Garden trip to see the Rangers play the Senators.

I know the day is coming when other things and other people replace talking about Henrik Lundqvist with her father but for now I’m going to enjoy and treasure this time.  I do know this…I’ll never allow her to marry a Flyers fan.