When the bell rings in two weeks time, the Seaside Heights School District will be sharing services with the Central Regional School District. Officials say there are several benefits to both you and the students.

After their agreement with Toms River expired back in June, Seaside Heights struck a deal with the Berkeley Township based district.  Central Regional has been taking students for middle and high school since the 1950's but never oversaw the elementary school. That's all changing now.

Central Regional School Business Administrator Kevin O'Shea says "it seems like a logical solution to save money and make things more efficient. There will be several advantages for students and faculty in both districts.  We are very excited about the prospects."

Although the school's are about 20 minutes apart, officials don't feel there will be any negative effects from the deal.  The new partnership aligns the K-12 curriculum for the very first time and it allows them to save $150,000 automatically with a potential for more savings during the next several years.  The district has trimmed a new principal's salary by $40,000 compared to the previous one, they dissolved a secretary position and will be sharing O'Shea as the Business Administrator for both districts.  They also did an energy audit of the Hugh J. Boyd Elementary School and saw they can save almost $15,000.

Seaside Heights School Board Member Todd Genty has been in his position for 9 years.  He says "this is a great opportunity for everyone involved.  How we had it before was a little complicated.  Also the curriculum varies from district to district.

School starts September 5th.