Middletown Township New Jersey will be commemorating its colonial era founding with an Anniversary Gala on Friday, June 20th followed by the burial of a time capsule and a massive parade the next day. Mayor Stephanie Murray said 800 people have signed up to participate in the parade. Listen to Tom Mongelli's conversation with Mayor Stephanie Murray

Middletown Township Mayor Stephanie Murray

"Of course we have all of our schools marching; We have quite a few veterans marching; We have some veterans on motorcycles, we have our fire department, our police, our EMS, Brownie troops, Cub Scout troops, some horses," said Murray.

An Anniversary Plaza is also being built at the Middletown Arts Center with inscribed bricks purchased by individuals. Murray said the plaza is being constructed pro bono by local contractors Whirl Construction to place the time capsule so people will know where it's located.

Murray said items going into the time capsule will be on display during the Anniversary Gala. "We're actually going to be putting in an I-phone. We're going to load it up with pictures and apps, we thought of things like a K-Cup, popular toys, photographs, we're going to put in our township's budget."

Current Township Department heads will also be writing personal letters to their counterparts of the future to be placed in the capsule.

Murray said tickets for the Anniversary Gala are still available and bricks are also available for purchase. Details are available at the township web page that you can get to by clicking our link here.