It's opening day and after little debate, LETS GO METS !

Few weeks ago I was feeling sad about the upcoming season with the Mets, I did not even know the guys on the field and MLB predicitions have the Amazin's lucky to not finish in last place! That said I began to think of the memories.....watching the 73' World Series at the my Grandmothers house and remembering her yelling at the TV as we watched Willie Mays plead at home plate! In college as I sat with Red Sox fans and just when they had the series won Mookie fired the shot down the first base line! Trips to Shea Stadium......Yes it's been a life long journey in Flushing so I have to be in it for the long haul!

Kevin Williams gave me a good pep talk during my dark days of spring training and as he said " better days will shine back down on Queens " and I must agree, one day the Mets will rise again.....Just hope its sooner than later lol

So the crisis is over! As Casey Stengle said in the early 60's I'm a "Lil Metsy" although all grown up now. I hear the voices of Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner ! So with today being opening day at Citifield we gotta go with the saying "You Gotta Believe" ! So as my Mom & Dad, my Brothers and I sit down to watch the Season begin today we will wear the royal blue with pride!

Here's to my Metropolitans ..... Give it your best and I'll be watching .... Just not another 26 years  guys , OK ?