Pepper is our Pet of the Week.  The Popcorn Park Zoo introduces us to a new pet to be adopted from the Zoo every week.  These animals need love and a wonderful home.

Pepper is about 8 years old, and was in pretty rough shape when he came in. He had been a bit neglected, but we gave him a full spa day, and he's been neutered and vetted too, and now he's like a whole new Pepper! This sweet boy could not be any ...nicer if he tried. Pepper is such a love and is smiling from ear to ear from all of the attention he is getting. Pepper is quiet and gentle, but very outgoing. He makes friends instantly just by tip-toeing over to you, putting his little paws on you and looking up at you with his soulful eyes. His tails wiggles with delight as soon as you show him affection and nothing makes him happier than to climb up in your lap and cuddle with you. Pepper is very well behaved and gets along great with everyone, dogs included. He doesn't even seem to mind some gentle, dog-friendly cats. This little angel has lots of love to give for many years to come and would love a wonderful family to give it to. Please help our happy little Pepper start over in the home of his dreams! 


1 Humane Way

(off of Lacey Road)

Forked River, NJ

609 - 693 - 1900