I guess more than ever today we need to avoid making big deals over things that are not big deals. Take for example the recent appearance of Kim Kardashian in Seaside Heights which ended Tuesday with her strolling the boardwalk, riding some rides and drinking Orangeade. It was a typical visit although this was while doing filming for an upcoming reality show. Kardashian’s appearance in the borough drew quite a bit of attention and mixed reaction since she is somewhat of a controversial figure.

An admitted “old school” person like me first questions what has made her a so-called “A list” celebrity. She is described as a TV and social media personality, socialite, fashion designer, businesswoman, model and actress. While she has always been somewhat of a public figure because of her family, the 33-year old Kardashian burst onto the scene a few years back when a sex tape with her former boyfriend got out.

Rutgers congratulates Todd Frazier on making the NL All-Star team (Rutgers)

Shortly after that came the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” followed by a two-month marriage to pro basketball player Kris Humphries and then a relationship with rapper Kanye West which led to the birth of their daughter last year and the couple getting married two months ago. In today’s society that, along with good looks and nice assets (you know what I mean) can propel you to a net worth of some $40 million.

So anyway Mrs. West shows up in Seaside Heights on Monday night and reportedly draws a crowd of some 2,000 as word spreads via social networking. I posted something on Facebook yesterday about this all being further proof that the apocalypse is here and sure enough I got mixed reactions.

Some took the attitude that this was another indication that Seaside Heights is a destination for sleaze while others said the publicity was good. Of course many question why Kardashian is a celebrity to begin with and my favorite comment was, “she’s famous for being famous.” Welcome to 2014.

On a more positive note you probably heard by now that Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier will be one of the 10 participants in Monday’s Home Run Derby as part of baseball’s All Star game which he has also been selected for. That is something I predicted a couple of weeks ago to Joan Frazier, Todd’s very humble mother.

What you probably don’t know is that participants get to pick who will pitch to them and Todd has asked his older brother Charlie to do the honors in Minnesota. Charlie was the first of the three Frazier brothers to play professional baseball and is currently a teacher and baseball coach in the Toms River district.