I've always wondered what Major League Baseball players do in the off season. Some play "winter ball" in the Caribbean or South America, some have off season jobs, and some just kick back and relax. But for Toms River native Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds, this off season has been different.

Before getting to the video of Todd helping out with the Hurricane Sandy cleanup, I have to make a personal note - he stopped by the radio station about two weeks ago. It's always a little strange to see the boys of summer out of uniform as "regular guys". Todd stopped by the studio in Rutgers sweats (his alma mater) and just chit chatted for a bit. As a proud fan of his National League Central Division rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers, we talked about the city, the stadium, and of course baseball broadcasting legend Bob Uecker. I asked him to go easy on The Brew Crew next season, he signed a ball for me, and went on his way. A very down to earth, modest guy.

With that being said, check out this video put together by ESPN of Todd helping out his Ocean County neighbors with Sandy cleanup: