Here's a little gem for's Mack!

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Did you ever see such cuteness? This adorable little guy is Mack, a Pekingese that is a little over 6 years old. Mack came to us from our Newark facility in search of a wonderful home of his own. Can you believe that Mack was found as a stray? We have trouble believing that Mack strayed from his home, since he is mostly blind and not at all a runner. It's more likely that Mack was abandoned. However it happened, Mack certainly is happy to be safe and cared for now. He is an absolute sweetheart that just loves everyone he meets. He is quiet, well behaved, and such a gentle and lovable little guy. Mack is not totally blind, but his vision is impaired due to glaucoma that was left untreated. Mack gets around perfectly fine though and has adjusted well to his loss of vision. Mack is a perfect little gentleman that wants nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll with a friend, or take a nap in a nice, comfy lap. He is not much into toys and instead, prefers to be by your side, getting some attention. Mack doesn't mind other well behaved dogs and would do best in a home with no small children under the age of 10. This beautiful little boy is so deserving of a fresh start in life....please make his dreams come true.

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