There are so many photos from this horrible day at the Boston Marathon, but this one made me cry instantly.  Tears coming down my face wondering, "Why"?  Just like everyone else is.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

Here's a picture that Fox News released today...It shows a beautiful family-- (Mom smiling and clapping and an adorable boy and girl hanging on the fence and big brother standing next to them along the fence) --what was suppossed to be a wonderful family day turned in to a nightmare.  Here's the last picture of the little boy that lost his life with his family.  His little sister hurt very bad along with his Mom.  And what makes this even more horrible...the "suspected" bomber standing right behind him in the white backwards baseball cap. 

This is the last family portrait of them all together.....UNBELIEVABLY SAD.  I can't even imagine.  An angel is watching over his family now. 

Fox News Martin Richard and Suspect Bomber behind him and the back pack on the ground.