Long-time New Jersey jazz singer Rosemary Conte was looking for a way to punctuate a 65 year music career, when she was informed about Tent City, which is the homeless encampment in the woods of Lakewood.

"Then when I did learn more about it, I wanted to bring music to people who couldn't otherwise enjoy live music," Conte explained.

Tent City is a hot button issue that hits right at the heart of the rising problem of homelessness. The community is run by the Reverend Steve Brigham, but it has had its share of opponents who would like to see it disbanded. Conte decided to organize a concert to not only bring music to these people, but raise money and awareness for the worthy cause.

The Concert for Tent City is the event that brings together her large musical network, which includes very talented sons, Steve and John Conte, as well as a slew of local musicians.

"My hope is to raise the public awareness of this extraordinary community in the woods of Lakewood," Conte said.

The concert takes place on Sunday, April 8th from 3 to 5PM at Lakewood's Town Square, which is at the corner of 4th Street and Clifton Avenue. Patrons can bring lawn chairs and enjoy the music, while donations of food, clothing, and money can be dropped off at designated areas.

"They have a wonderful thing going there," Conte said, "There are lots of people who don't like the encampment being there who would like to see it close, but where would these people live?"

If you are unable to attend the concert, you can still donate to the cause by following this link.