I am such a proud parent of a fantastic H & M Potter student!  When you listen to me every morning, I'm sure you hear me talk about my love for Potter!  The teachers, administrators, faculty and kids are wonderful!

Students and administrators at H&M Potter Elementary School are being recognized for a year of recycling they may never forget as they receive the award for ‘2013-2014 PepsiCo Recycle Rally’ second place winner.  PepsiCo will award students and administrators with $10,000 to be used toward green improvements at the school.

During the school year, H&M Potter Elementary School students helped to recycle 30,580 lbs of aluminum cans and PET plastic – an estimated total of 728,484 PET bottles and aluminum containers.  That is just amazing!  The students are supported in their efforts by Dr. Jeff Zito, who helped propel the school to the top of the standings by rallying students, faculty, families and community members to recycle every day.

It is truly remarkable that H & M Potter, up against hundreds and hundreds of schools, came in second in the Country with their recycling program, WOW!

Way to go H & M Potter School!  Awesome job to the parents of Potter Kids, too!