Ok so I have been a Met fan all my life ( 46 years ) but this year as we head to opening day I feel lost and almost without a team! Folks that live at the Jersey Shore usually root for the Yankees, Phillies or Mets, but my luck landed me with he Amazins!

It's been 26 years since we won a championship! and going into this season its looks like last place again! I don't even know the players on the team! This is New York, how does a team this bad happen ?

Bad ownership/management and finances have led to the Mets problems .... so it leaves us fans scratching our heads and saying ..... hmmmmm

My first Mets game was at Shea Stadium circa 1971 Mets vs. Giants ! I remember our Church here in Ocean County running bus daytrips to Shea to see the Metropolitans. Great memories, but with that said I feel the team has let me down and there is NO light at the end of the tunnel!

So my question for our listeners is simple ... Am I now obligated to remain loyal to the Mets for life or is it totally ok for me to go buy a Yankee hat and enjoy a team who actually puts a good team on the field for its fans ? Listeners you choose my fate!

By the way I only root for local teams ( Giants, Devils, Knicks,Redbulls ) so thats why i choose the Yankees, if i replaced the Mets! and by the way my favorite minor league team is our very own Lakewood Blueclaws

What do you think ?



Thanks ~ Shawn