A number of school officials and Republican lawmakers blasted proposed school funding changes on Thursday at the statehouse in Trenton.

Toms River Regional Schools District Superintendent David Healy says the $3,300,000.00 cut for the district would "obliterate" the progress the township has made recovering following Superstorm Sandy.

"The ramifications of this decision would be catastrophic to our community for this year and for many years to follow. There is no way that this school district can absorb this financial blow and continue to provide our students with a thorough and efficient education,” Healy said.

Toms River would receive $65 million in aid toward a $226 million budget. However, it is also among those districts Sweeney points to as having a declining enrollment – down 13 consecutive years, even before Sandy, a decline of more than 2,500 students, or 14 percent, since 2003-04.

School Administrators in districts called "overfunded" head to the planning room to start preparations for the likelihood massive state aid cuts under the redistribution formula get Governor Christie's approval.

Toms River and Brick Township together would combine to be out over $5,000,000.00, about $1,000,000.00 each in Middletown and Asbury Park, but Freehold Borough would gain about $1,000,000.00.

Happy 250th Birthday Toms River! In the second installment of our two-part series examining Toms River’s impact on the Revolutionary War, we look closer as to how Huddy Park got its name.

Township Historian Mark Mutter explains that on June 24, 1767 Toms River became an official town.

“That is the day that the Royal Assembly of New Jersey passed the act that created our township,” said Mutter.

Flash forward 15-years later, where a surprise attack by British Forces in March of 1782 resulted in Nine American Patriot casualties from hand-to-hand combat, and the British also overtook the blockhouse, burned the village of Toms River to the ground and captured its defender and hero, Joshua Huddy.

That’s where the name of the park comes from, Joshua Huddy, an American Patriot sent to Toms River at the request of its residents who feared an attack by the British and asked our first Governor William Livingston to send down Huddy.

The Birthday bash begins with a ceremony in Huddy Park at 11 am and will include music for the Old Barracks Fife and Drum Corp, the Joshua Huddy Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and you’ll get to sign the township charter.


Batter Up! A few New Jersey baseball teams playing by old school rules on their diamonds.

They're apart of the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Baseball League, which goes by the rules America's Pastime was played in the Mid-19th Century.



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