Several Jersey shore beaches that were closed due to high levels of bacteria in the ocean have now been reopened.

Cindy Zipf of Clean Ocean Action says when these alerts are posted, even though the beach itself is open, some of bacteria in the water could wash ashore.

"So if you do have a cut on the bottom of your foot or on your ankles and you're walking along the water's edge, that's a risk, you can get an infection," said Zipf.

She recommends always staying well back from the ocean if swimming is banned because of high levels of bacteria in the water.

A ride similar to the fire ball ride that broke at a state fair in Ohio this week has been removed from the Monmouth County fair here in New Jersey.

The claw was shutdown Wednesday night as a precaution.

Monroe-based Amusements of America said inspectors in Ohio looked over the ride prior to that fair.

As Chris Christie counts down the months he has left as governor of the garden state, he's reflecting on some of the biggest challenges he's faced that still have not been solved.

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