The summer of delays begins today for NJ transit riders as Penn Station will shut down three tracks at a time during its infrastructure renewal project.

The work is mainly focused on interlocking tracks and switches called "a interlocking" used by NJ Transit, Amtrak and LIRR.

If you take the north jersey coastline and you usually get on in long branch your ride will end in Newark and you'll have to take another train in...

See how it affects your commute with our survival guide at

A big celebration today for Barnegat Lighthouse State Park.

"What we're celebrating is the state park that was created in 1957, to preserve the lighthouse and the maritime forest that surrounds its" said NJ DEP Spokesman Larry Hajna.

He says today's events at the park include tours of the maritime forest, a Barnegat lighthouse climb, and guided walks to see some of the state's rare beach-nesting birds.

Taking a trip you can't afford?

Well join the club.

In a survey from financial planning company learn-vest 74 percent of respondents said they've gone into debt to pay for a vacation,more than half admit they've forgotten or failed to include a vacation as part of their annual budget, even though it could cost more than their monthly housing expenses.

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