The man who was escorted by security out of a Howell movie theater last Friday for pleasuring himself during the emoji movie with kids nearby turned himself in Thursday.

He had been wanted by police since the incident.

A mom reported seeing 43-year old Abraham Barnes of Lakewood with his belt undone and hands in his pants.

He's been charged with public lewdness.

Driving under the influence remains a serious offense and while these laws are tough, are there alternatives to encourage people away from this behavior?

New Jersey DWI Defense Lawyer Peter Lederman says there needs to be more flexibility to get people with a problem help and a second chance in certain cases.

“If you’re a third time offender and you’re convicted, your not only going to go to jail but you’re going to lose your license for a decade,” said Lederman. “I think that if you’ve shown that you’ve stayed clean for five-years or seven years, or whatever period of time…you should be able to get rewarded for this so that you’re encouraged to do better.”

It's the nightmare scenario you don't even want to think about.

As hackers continue to compromise government agencies and private companies and corporations, efforts are being stepped up in jersey to protect nuclear power plants from cyber-attacks.

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