I only occasionally get home early enough to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show but each time I do I remark to my wife that she is a great host and the show is always upbeat, positive, heartwarming, funny and entertaining. It turns out I caught the show yesterday and learned on the ridiculous controversy that has resulted in the recent announcement that Ellen is a new spokeswoman for J.C. Penney.

It seems the conservative, pro-family group known as “One Million Moms” has called for a boycott of the department store chain because they are using the openly-gay DeGeneres to tout their products. This one is going to backfire because they are picking on the wrong person as Ellen has a bigger forum then they do and in the end J.C. Penny may turn out the big winner. “One Million Moms” should be called “One Million Morons.”


Several school districts have voted to move their annual elections from April to November as a way to save money and increase the turnout as the spring election often brings dismal voting numbers. No question there is some downside as it leaves open the possibility of greater political influence in school elections and could result in confusion among voters. However in moving the school elections to November districts that stay within the state-mandated 2% cap do not have to put their budget up for a vote and I have always felt that’s the way it should be. Too many people will vote “no” just because they can and schools that are frugal in their spending should not be penalized, but rewarded.


Congratulations to Jacki and Kevin Bernick on the birth of their son Jaxon James…the couple and the baby are doing fine as is 3-year old big sister Kara. Jacki is the daughter of good friends Jim and Susan Hibbs and I am especially delighted for Jim who finally will have a guy to talk too and maybe join him at a Red Sox or Bruins game one day.

Jim and Susan have three daughters who until this week had continued the Hibbs tradition by each giving birth to a daughter. My buddy “Hibber” was on the outside looking in with 7 women in his life but no men. That all ended Tuesday so welcome Jaxon James and congratulations to the Hibbs and Bernick families.