Those of you who are not football fans can spend today talking about commercials and the halftime show because clearly those are both secondary. Super Bowl XLVI was after all a football game and it was a pretty good one…actually it was very good one.

Sure the game had some slow moments and did not live up to the shootout many predicted but anytime you have a championship game decided in the final moments then that’s a good one and this one was. Oh by the way, the Giants beat the Patriots 21-17 to claim their fourth Super Bowl title, which is three more than the Jets & Eagles combined…sorry I just had to take a shot. How did you sleep last night Rex Ryan?

The day after the game is usually when the second-guessers come out of the woodwork and they will today for sure. However more than anything this game came down to two plays and is why the Giants are champions for the second time in four years. The first came with just over four minutes left and New England leading 17-15 and driving. On a 2nd and 11 from the Giants 44-yard line a wide open Wes Welker could not hang on to a Tom Brady pass at the 20 which would have been a first down and probably led to another score.

Two plays later the Patriots punted and the Giants took over at their own 12-yard line and it was Eli Manning time. On first down he made a great throw and Mario Manningham made an even greater catch at midfield. Not as good as David Tyree four years ago but pretty terrific in its own right. Eight players later with just under a minute left in the game Ahmad Bradshaw scored a touchdown that would turn out to be the game winner although not before some anxious moments for Giants fans in the final seconds.

So Manning and Coach Tom Coughlin, who seemed on his way out a couple of months ago, have now won two Super Bowls together. Might as well try and make it three next year.

By the way for what’s its worth I like Madonna but the halftime show was just way too much and featured an embarrassing moment for the NFL when guest singer M.I.A. gave everyone the middle finger(classy). I did like final song “Like A Prayer” which I thought was the highlight of the performance by the 53-year old.

As for the commercials…my favorites were the Bud Light Weego dog spot, the Doritos sling baby and I liked the Honda take off on Ferris Bueller’s Day off. What I liked most was the Giants victory…great ending to the season.